Alice Tongzhi Cao



Alice was born and raised in Tianjin, China. Before moving to the US, she had taught both English and Chinese to learners of all ages. In 2011, she became a teacher at Mei Hua and was elected to be the principal in 2016. 

Currently, Alice is working on getting her WA teaching credential from Woodring College of Education at Western Washington University, with a focus on Language, Literacy and Cultural studies in Elementary Education.  

Renata Dalrymple


School Administrator (Vice Principal)

Renata manages Mei Hua's finances and business development. She also coordinates the school's volunteers, fundraising and marketing. 

Originally from the Czech Republic, Renata's lifelong interests have been languages and education.


Lily Li

Lily Li, originally from Xiamen, Fujian, has been enjoying teaching Mandarin and English to people of various age groups, part-time volunteer teaching English with NGOs for years and full-time teaching/tutoring  Mandarin at a charter school in the States. The young minds always inspire her creativity to look at the world differently. 

Apart from profound language skills (fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese), Lily has had rich experience performing Chinese music instrument, singing and dancing. Swimming Dragon Tai chi is her daily practice as well. During her work in AZ, she has been the organizer and host for important annual events and festivals for the Association of Chinese Students and Scholars, due to her previous professions in TV and newspaper. 

Lily graduated from Beijing University, holding a Master's Degree of International Relations. She is living happily with her retired husband in Fairhaven. 

Shu Zhang

Originally from Chengdu, Sichuan, Shu has been teaching Chinese at the Mei Hua Chinese School since 2016. Before Shu came to the US, she graduated from ChongAng University in South Korea with an MFA. With the major of computer animation, Shu is interested in children’s storytelling and character design. Shu has also had one year of part-time experience teaching Chinese as a second language to adults living in Korea. After having moved to the US, Shu has dedicated herself to exploring her own culture by studying Hung Gar Kung Fu and Taichi practice.  Now to keep her mind busy, Shu is studying Chinese classical literature.  

Lei Wang

Originally from Zhengzhou, Henan, Lei has been teaching the intermediate youth group since 2015. Before joining Mei Hua, Lei had spent 7 years studying traditional Chinese culture as well as the history and formation of the Chinese characters. With such abundant knowledge on both the language and culture, students have found that Lei's class to be not only meaningful but also very enjoyable as she loves to teach the history as well as the stories behind each character. 


During the week, Lei brings her passion and knowledge to Parkview Elementary school as the after school enrichment teacher. 

Lei is a proud mother of an amazing five years old boy. She lives in Bellingham with her family.   

Alice Cao

Aside from administrating the school, Alice's role at Mei Hua also includes being the teacher of our the newly developed beginner course for adults. With abundant knowledge of teaching Chinese as a foreign language, Alice is not only passionate for sharing the cultural and historical aspects of the Chinese language as well as their influences on the modern China, she is also determinate to break down the linguistic nuance into chew-able bites, while making the concepts digestible, especially, to English speakers.

During the week, Alice represents Mei Hua and brings an after school enrichment program to Columbia Elementary School in Bellingham.