Class Schedule

2017/2018 (pdf)


Tentative Schedule of Cultural Content

    (Fall Semester, 2017) 

08/27         Nursery Rhyme 1- 拔萝卜 Pulling the Radishes (PR)-  Introduction 

09/10         PR Lyrics study and practice 

09/17          PR Lyrics study and practice 

09/24         PR Sing- along  

10/01          PR Sing and perform 

10/08         Moon Festival Celebration - No class. Meet at event site. 

10/15           Nursery Rhyme 2- 泥娃娃 Muddy Doll (MD) Intro

10/22          MD Lyrics study and practice 

10/29          MD Sing- along  

11/05           Nursery Rhyme 3- 小毛驴 Little Donkey (LD) Intro

11/12             LD Lyrics study and practice

11/19             LD Sing- along

12/03          Nursery Rhyme 4- 幸福拍手歌 If You Happy and You Know it (IYHK) Intro   

12/10           IYHK Lyrics study and practice

01/07          IYHK Sing- along

 (Spring Semester, 2018)


01/28          Review IYHK

02/04         Song 1- 数鸭子 Count the Ducks (CD) Intro 

02/11           CD Lyrics study 1 

02/18           Chinese New Year Celebration (no class, meet at WWU Performing Art Center, 2-5 pm) 

02/25          CD Lyrics study 2 and practice 

03/04         CD Sing- along

03/11           Song 2- 我爱洗澡 I Love Bathing (ILB) Intro

03/18          ILB Lyrics Study 1

03/25          ILB Lyrics Study 2 and practice 

04/15           ILB performance rehearsal 

04/22          Song 3- 小兔乖乖 Little Bunny Lambkin (LBL) Intro

04/29          LBL Lyrics study 1 

05/06          LBL Lyrics study 2 and practice 

05/13            LBL Sing- along 

05/20           TBD

06/03           TBD 


Cultural content (nursery rhymes) listed above for two beginner classes only. 

More about each class

Here at Mei Hua, we use curriculum developed by Better Chinese. Additionally, children are introduced classic Chinese nursery rhymes or ancient poetry to enhance their learning experiences that are culturally relevant and developmentally appropriate. The factor of hands-on-learning is reflected in the making or performing of a key Chinese character in each lesson in the form of an arts-and-crafts project.