2016/2017 Class Schedule

Semester I (15 sessions)

08/28 Activitity: Moon Festivial performance practice 

09/04 Labor Day Weekend - OFF

09/11 Moon Festival performance rehearsal

09/18 Moon Festival Celebration 

09/25 Cultural Activity: Taichi; craft- friendship bracelet

10/02 Cultural Activity: Taichi; craft- panda puppet 

10/09 Cultural Activity: Taichi; craft- draw/paint on rocks

10/16 Cultural Activity: Taichi; craft- number puzzel matching game

10/23 Cultural Activity: Taichi; craft- printmaking

10/30 Cultural Activity: Taichi; craft- printmaking 

11/06 Cultural Activity: Taichi; craft- expression bookmark

11/13 Cultural Activity: Taichi; craft- expression bookmark

11/20 No activity block

11/27 Thanksgiving Weekend- OFF

12/04  School meeting and pizza party  

12/11 Winter Break - OFF

12/18 Winter Break - OFF 

12/25 Winter Break - OFF

01/01 Winter Break - OFF 

01/08 CNY performance practice 

01/15 MLK Holiday - OFF

01/22 CNY performance practice 

Semester II (15 sessions)

01/29  CNY rehealsal 

02/04 NWCCA Chinese New Year celebration at WCC

02/12 Cultural Activity: Chinese Zen story- An's seed

02/19 President's Day Weekend - OFF

02/26 Cultural Activity: Intro to Chinese ethnic minorities 

03/05 Cultural Activity: Geographic distribution of Chinese ethnic minorities

03/12 Cultural Activity: Calligraphy; Kungfu Fan Dance

03/19 Cultural Activity: Calligraphy; Kungfu Fan Dance 

03/26 Cultural Activity: Calligraphy; Kungfu Fan Dance 

04/02 Spring Break - OFF

04/09 Spring Break - OFF 

04/16 Cultural Activity: Origami Boxes

04/23 Activity: Street Dance 

04/30 Activity: Street Dance 

05/07 Activity: Street Dance

05/14 Mother's Weekend - OFF 

05/21 Cultural Activity: Ancient Poem Sing-a-long

05/28 Memorial Day Weekend - OFF

06/04 Activity: School Fair prep

06/11 School Fair: Cardboard Playground by Play Lab; Stories by The Kamishibai Man 


Each of the 2-hour session is planned with 1.5 hrs of language instruction and 0.5 hr of cultural/movement activity. We aim to bring students authentic language experience by using as much Chinese as possible during the activity block.